28 Jun 2019

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

Summer is the most wonderful and beautiful season of the year. The pleasant weather offers so much to do, picnic in the parks, swimming, boating in lakes and endless outdoor sports. Kids wait for it and feel happy that now they don’t have to sit at home in a cozy blanket but will enjoy the sun rays and fresh air. But there are some safety tips for kids that every parent should follow to make them enjoy every summer activity without any mishap.

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

You can enjoy this season more with your kids by following few safety tips for kids to protect them from any sort hazardous aspects of the season. Scroll down to know Child safety during summer.

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Safety from Sun

Safety from sun should be maintained all year but we normally start realising the effect of sun during summers because we spend more time outdoor in summers. The following are the prevention that should be considered by parents to avoid heat stroke, sunburn and dehydration that can be experienced by children during summers.

Sunscreen usage

At least 15 SPF sunscreen is need to apply during summer. Before letting your child go outside, you should apply sunscreen before 30 minutes. Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours or after sweating or swimming. Sunscreen should be applied for every outdoor activity even if it’s cloudy outside.

Heat to avoid

Between 10 AM to 4 PM try to avoid direct connection with sun, because this is the time when sun rays are more heightened.

Avail the right gear

100% UV protection sunglasses should be worn by your kids. A hat can protect their head from direct connection from sun, and it also looks stylish. You should preferably go for cotton clothes for your kids skin protection in summers.

Keep your kids hydrated

Keep an eye on your children water intake and make them avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks like soft drink.

Water Safety

Whether boating in a lake or swimming in a pool, having fun in the water is always welcomed by kids. But you need to protect them while playing in water. Here are few safety tips for kids that can be very useful for you :

  • Supervision is very important, so be with your kids when they are swimming or there must be a lifeguard with them.
  • Always be in a reach with your toddler or baby when they are near pool or lake.
  • Evade the usage of swimming aids like floaties, as they offer a fake sense of security.
  • When your kids are on a boat, make sure every child is wearing properly fitted life jacket.
  • Its advisory to take proper prevention before planning any water activity with your kids. Check the weather conditions and plan accordingly.

It is recommended to take proper care of your child during summers and these safety tips for kids will make you enjoy this season more with your little ones. It’s better to take prevention than to face a mishap.

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